World Curry Festival 2016

The iCO team had the pleasure of sponsoring the 2016 World Curry Festival Gala Dinner, which was held at The Bradford Cathedral on the 15th September 2016.

The Bradford Cathedral provided the perfect backdrop for the event, and was quite a special moment for all involved. The Cathedral has only played host to two other events of this nature in the last 15 years. With some added lighting provided by iCO Event Services, the venue was totally transformed for the evening’s proceedings.  

The night was filled with delicious food, great company, traditional music and a chance to network with the great people of Bradford.

The iCO team utilised 8 moving head LED wash lights, 26 LED par cans, 10 LED batons and around 1,500 meters of power and signal cable. The lighting was controlled by a ChamSys Dongle running from a Mac Pro Laptop. Audio was delivered using a front of house play-out system and controlled by a QU-16 digital mixer with remote iPad control.

The World Curry Festival continues this weekend with events across Bradford and Leeds, to find out more check out the website

If you would like to add some  prestige to your next event, speak with Steven our National Sales Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 0844 414 0502.


iCO Supports “It’s Okay To Talk”


The iCO Event Services team recently supported #AndysManClub event at The Shay Stadium which was the first ever telling of Andys Story with a mini film from the guys at Ladbible.  

In July this year, Luke founded ‘Andys Man Club’, a space for men to talk about their problems without judgment or feeling like a burden. What started as a small support group in Halifax has ballooned into a Facebook Group of thousands, with more clubs to be setup across the UK.

Event Technology: the thing everyone seems to hide away from!

I was asked recently “Where does the events industry stand with regards to technology, and why do so few events utilise technology to make things more interesting, and to save resources”.

It seems people don’t know how to integrate technology effectively

iCO Helps The Wedding Industry Celebrate

Tuesday 17th saw the leading providers of Wedding Services in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire regions descend on the Sheffield City Hall for

what was a show stopping awards dinner hosted by I Do Magazine.

The I Do Wedding Awards are in their second year, with this year boasting and even greater attendance than last year, and a huge increase in brides and grooms placing their votes.

A charity fundraiser was held before the awards kicked off which raised a fantastic £1,260 in aid of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust; who are a UK charity funding medical research into cancer affecting teenagers and young adults.

Top 5 Tips on a successful exhibition

We've had plenty of experience here amongst the iCO team at not only planning and running exhibitions but also using them as a great way for new lead generation. Quite often at these events we'll see exhibitors sat behind a table in the comfort of their booth watching potential clients walk past without interacting with anyone.

There are several ways we have learned that can attract visitors to your stand even if you're not the most confident sales person. 

Interruptions to your meeting down to technology issues?


A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Arvato UK claims that 43% of UK workers regularly attend meetings that start late or overrun, with 45% of respondents reporting meeting delays and interruptions due to technology issues – is this the

Magna Inspiring Yorkshire Business February 2016

We were very pleased to offer our support to the very first Inspiring Business Event at the Magna Science Park in Rotherham on Thursday last week.

iCO Supports The Sheffield Cue Ball 2016


The official launch of the World Snooker Championship; The Cue Ball, took place Friday 15th April 2016 at the beautiful Mercure St. Pauls hotel in Sheffield. Not only is The Cue Ball the official launch of the World Snooker Championship, it’s also a fantastic fundraising event for nominated charities, with Sheffield Children’s

What's the difference between Analog & Digital?

For someone not technically minded the terms ‘analog’ and ‘digital’ can seem extremely alien. But worry not; for their differences and uses are actually quite simple to understand.

The Stage: Key to every great successful engaging conference!

It’s a fact, majority of conferences held, have a stage - the idea of a stage is to provide a focal point for the conference and a raised platform so delegates can see what’s going on; keynote speakers and any other special events (such as awards).

But have you considered the location of your stage

Meeting Room Layout Hints & Tips

So you've found the perfect venue, taken care of the food and all those dietary requirements, booked your guest speakers and are just about ready. But, have you given consideration to your room layout? This is really one of the most important aspects of your event and should be considered before any other requirements. So here's our handy guide to room layouts with pro's and con's for each option.